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The Youth HELP Foundation empowers vulnerable children and young people to maximize their innate potential through partnerships with other
non-profit and civil society organizations that together ensure equitable access to resources for health, education and literacy programs.
Our fundraiser

2nd Annual Turks and Caicos Premier's Classic
Golf Tournament

The Youth HELP Foundation is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Turks and Caicos Premier’s Golf Classic events:

  • Pre-tournament Cocktail Reception fundraiser – 17 August 2023 at 7 PM – Venue TBA
  • Turks and Caicos Premier’s Golf Classic Tournament – 18 August 2023 at 12 PM – Westfields Golf Club, Clifton, Virginia
  • Turks and Caicos Premier’s Golf Classic Awards Dinner – 18 August 2023 at 6 PM – Westfields Golf Club, Clifton, Virginia
Our work

Childhood Development Educational Series

Supporting S.T.E.M. for Success Foundation

We Focus On

Programs and Partnerships that Aim to Make a Difference

Unlock The Path To Success

The early acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the health sciences and the application thereof, creates a firm foundation for the empowerment of young people to lead and drive the change that is needed to ensure healthier people, everywhere. 

The Youth HELP Foundation is committed to ensuring that young people are provided with an early exposure to health and medical sciences to enhance their health education and enable a healthier lifestyle for themselves, their peers and their families. A healthy start unlocks the door to a lifetime of success. health

A Good Education is a Firm Foundation

Fundamentally critical physical, emotional and cognitive developmental processes take place during childhood and youth. It is at this stage in our growth  that our health-related behaviours and skills develop. These attributes facilitate healthier lifestyles, better health outcomes and ultimately lead to increased productivity and overall quality of life.

The Youth HELP Foundation and our partners support the implementation of programs to equitably increase the health literacy of children and young people thereby fostering a healthier lifestyle for success.

Literacy is a Measure of Community Strength

The access to educational opportunities that teach young children the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy are often unavailable in an equitable manner to many boys and girls. 

The Youth HELP Foundation’s mandate is to where possible, ensure that children in need of diagnostic and interventional support, receive these required resources in an equitable and inclusive manner to enable development to their fullest potential.

Partnerships Enabling Long Term Impact

The Youth HELP Foundation recognizes and understands the enormity and complexity of the challenges of youth empowerment in the context of creating healthier and successful individuals. 

The Foundation fosters and embraces partnerships globally at all levels, leveraging intersectoral, inter-governmental, and civil society collaborative approaches to fund and implement Youth Health, Education and Literacy Programs that will have long term positive impact on individuals and communities. 

“My future is bright because I was given the opportunity to overcome my challenges and unleash my potential”

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